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I am what I write.

My Wii console number is 6207 7972 9845 8502.
My Animal Crossing City Folk friends codes are:
Tangle Theo 4597 4590 7381
Gopswick Theo
Gopswick George

Some of my posts are on custom filters including Dale Hall, Long Posts, Memage, and Twitter. If you are seeing any of these and would prefer not to do so, just ask.
alan moore, ancestors, animal crossing, animation, anime, antiques, archaeology, archery, art, bars, baseball, board games, book collecting, books, bookstores, boston, boston red sox, card games, celtic music, celtic mythology, cinema, coffee, coffeehouses, collecting, comic books, comics, comparative religion, computer games, computers, cookery, cooking, cricket, cross stitch, cryptography, dar williams, dc, depression, detective fiction, dorothy parker, dorset, douglas adams, dr who, drink, egyptology, england, english history, english literature, epigraphy, espionage, european comics, european history, family, family history, fantasy, fencing, firefly, folk music, folklore, food, freeform games, freeforms, friends, gaming, genealogy, gourmet cooking, graphic novels, great big sea, heroes, history, ice cream, illustration, independent film, indie films, intellectual conversation, intelligent conversation, ipswich town football club, ireland, james bond, jane austen, joss whedon, kevin smith, kit williams, larp, larping, larps, las vegas, laura nyro, local history, love, lowry, manga, marx brothers, maya, medieval history, megaliths, movies, muppets, museums, music, musicals, mysteries, myth, mythography, mythology, needlework, oscar wilde, painting, paul klee, pg wodehouse, philosophy, photography, poetry, puffins, puns, puzzles, reading, real ale, red sox, religion, robert b parker, rocky horror picture show, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, science, science fiction, sg-1, shakespeare, single malt whisky, stargate sg1, storytelling, sunsets, surrey county cricket club, sushi, taoism, tarot, theatre, travel, tv, victoriana, vikings, wii, wikipedia, william blake, word games, wordplay, words, world music, writing