Theo (theoclarke) wrote,

Oyster Reach, Wherstead

Lunch mid-afternoon today at the Oyster Reach, part of the Beefeater chain.  This time of today sees the restaurant at its best: quiet but not empty, and with enough wait staff to provide adequate service.  We were seated by Linda, who was very pleasant, and made us feel at home as we settled by a window overlooking a host of masts.  Diet Coke, Leffe, and much dithering led us to ribs with the Beefeater Extra side and flat mushrooms.  When they came, brought by Corissa, the ribs were nicer for being ribs than for anything else. It was not that they were cooked poorly but the sauce was poured over them just for the cooking process.  It was good sauce but a little marinading would have moved the dish up a level.  For all that, I enjoyed the ribs, the salad, the breaded mushrooms, the flat mushrooms, the very cheesy garlic bread and the onion rings. And, after Corissa had refilled our glasses, we tucked into a vast chocolate brownie fudge sundae liberally laced with Maltezers. Excluding Corissa's tip this came to £37.56 (of which £3.62 covered the pint of Leffe), which seems a fair price for a pleasant meal for two in comfortable surroundings.
Tags: restaurant
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