Theo (theoclarke) wrote,

Wanna be in a Broadway show?

In two weeks' time on 19-21 August I am playing Harry the Horse in ambug666 's Lullaby of Broadway live action role-playing (or freeform) game in Timonium, Maryland, USA. Some players have dropped out so we are looking for replacements.  Are you up for it? Do you have a friend who might want to play?

Sky Masterson   Guys and Dolls - World famous gambler.  Has a song scene, but we can work around it if need be
George  Shinn   The Music Man - Mayor of the small town.  Has a wife and two kids.
Tommy   Djilas  The Music Man - Troubled teenager.
Charlie Brown   You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown - You know who he is.  Ideally played by a 10-12 year old.

Lilli   Vanessi Kiss Me Kate  - Divaesque star of Kiss Me Kate.
Adelaide Guys and Dolls - Secretary by day; singer by night.
Patsy   Barton  Babes in Arms - Girl friday with some very interesting personal plots.

Speaking selfishly, my subplot would be seriously diminished if Sky Masterton remains uncast and my whole week will be marred if I have to spend it listening to my host patentpope whining about how his Fred Graham character has no star/wife in Kiss Me Kate.

Please check out Mike's flier and pass it on.

Tags: freeform, games, guys and dolls, larp, lullaby of broadway, timonium
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