Theo (theoclarke) wrote,

Puzzled squirrel

Today the squirrel that I have been befriending in Christchurch Park was sufficiently comfortable to climb on me for the first time. This may have been because I was without the usual squirrel food — a consequence of a spontaneous choice to walk through the park on my way home from town. It was wonderful to have the creature sitting on my shoulder and running down my arms to explore the contents of my hands and back.

Lesser excitements today included the collection of a copy of PerplexCity card #245 Relativity, which Lisa Oliver had sent me along with six coloured cards which I already own. I had not been home when the Royal Mail first attempted its delivery so I had to collect it from the sorting office. This leaves me just one card short of a full Season 1 set.

Being very near the cinema some twenty minutes before the start of Eragorn, I decided to register for the unlimited season ticket. I had not allowed for the process taking half an hour so I revised my plans. After a perfectly cooked rump steak at Cafe Jam and some shopping I returned home through the park for my squirrel encounter.

It took several hours for me to solve the Relativity problem and entering the result at the PerplexCity site, taking me to the 86th slot on the leader board.

This morning's test cricket result was disappointing, albeit expected. Perhaps I should not have started reading Cricket's Burning Passion yesterday.
Tags: books, cricket, film, perplexcity, restaurant, wildlife
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