Theo (theoclarke) wrote,

Favourite books

A ReadingSocial (Virtual Bookshelf) reader on Facebook wrote to me: "Hey, I noticed you've read a lot of boooooks. Can you please help me with your top five books? I've begun a list of books I want to read and I want to diversify what I read. Can you please include any spritual books? "
It took a while for me to pick five books and identifying my top five books would take months so I recommended:
  • Peter Ackroyd. Hawksmoor
  • William Blake. Songs of Innocence and Experience
  • Kahil Gibran. The Prophet
  • George Grossmith. Diary of a Nobody
  • Alan Watts. Tao, the watercourse way
What would you have suggested?
Tags: books, reading
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