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Murder, He Says

Normally this would be an email to Steemol, but in his absence: On my car radio this evening I heard Betty Hutton singing Murder, He Days. This amazing rhythmic syncopation has a joyous, conversationally fluid delivery that really grabbed me. Quick research shows that the song came from the 1943 film Happy Go Lucky. I know nothing of the singer or the film. Do you know anything that might help me decide to explore further?


Betty Hutton did "Annie Get Your Gun".
She was a staple of American movie musicals.
www.IMdB.com would be a great starting point
to researching her.
So, was Murder, He Says typical of her singing?
Based on how you described it, I'd say it'd have to be :-)
I will hunt her down then.
That may be difficult. She passed away just about a year ago.

Oh, you mean you'll hunt down her music ...

FWIW, Betty Hutton was mentioned in the song "Peggy The Pin-Up Girl," played throughout WWII by the Glenn Miller Orchestra. The song tells the tale of the eponymous 'Peggy Jones,'a popular pin-up girl who, at one point in the song, is compared to other famous ladies of the time.

Peggy Pin-up from the toes up
Makes a fellow turn his nose up
When he sees Lamour or Grable on the screen.

Even a voice that's so disturbin'
Like Judy Garland or Miss Durbin
Can't compare to my pin-up queen.

So Ginger Rogers started howlin'
And Miss Powell threw the towel in,
Peggy's dancing caused a heatwave up in Nome.

She had Betty Hutton's vigor,
Lana Turner's classy figure,
And the chassis that made Lassie come home (on the double)
And the chassis that made Lassie come home .

I'm not sure what that says about Lassie, a girl dog, as we all know. And I'm not sure why we should be happy that Betty Hutton is vigorous. But there you have it.

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