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RIP Steemol

stickismyfriend died on Saturday.

Steve was one of my favourite people. He enriched my life for almost thirty years with his enthusiasm and creativity. His imagery is all around me: the small furry creature that he created for Small Furry Creatures Press; the just married car that celebrated my marriage. My ipod is filled with music that he recommended. But mostly I remember the conversations: spinning wildly over our shared cultural landscape and peppered with enormous silliness. I am still in shock at the news so the pain has yet to arrive but, no matter how much this news hurts me, it will be a more than acceptable price to pay for the years of joy and love I shared with Steve.



Thanks for creating this tribute. As I have just said in another post, Steve and I were friends since were neighbors and art classmates in 1974-75 but we kept in touch mainly by phone, letter and, recently, e-mail since I moved back to the States in 1975. I saw him again in person on only three visits: in 1987 and with my wife, Kim, in 1995 and 1998. He was my mentor (in cartooning) and a true friend who, despite his own problems, would always listen sympathetically to mine. He provided tremendous encouragement as some of my meager efforts at gag cartooning began to sell to magazines in recent years.
I found out about his death only today, when I called, as I often do, the home he shared with his father, for whom he had been caring since his mother's death several years ago. His dad said "you must not have heard the news..."
I have kept the letters (many profusely illustrated; one, famously, written on a strip of waxy toilet paper) that he sent in reply to mine during the 1970s and early '80s.
As for now, not enough words. Not enought right words. I knew he'd had a mild stroke some months ago but thought he'd be with us far longer.
For now, thanks for the opportunity to say at least something.


Mike (and Kim) Mittelstadt
Watertown NY

Re: Steve

Hi Mike: There are far more eloquent tributes than mine at the new jellytown community here on lj and the steemol community on flickr. I am glad that I have afforded you some comfort and I am pleased to meet another of Steve's friends.

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