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Nothing more will happen to a two-million and thirtyfour year old dinosaur

J Edward Oliver died yesterday. I have just read an email from his brother Fred. Jack was a gifted cartoonist and a hugely entertaining friend. His Fresco-le-Raye comic strips are among my favourite strip cartoons of all time. Many of his stock phrases became mine. Few weeks passed without some brief absurdity appearing in my in-box: not for Jack the forwarded meme; his silliness was part of a continuing conversation laden with references to past jokes.  Like his strips, Jack's letters and emails were littered with small details; tiny gems of nonsense. And there was more sensible stuff too: Jack's interests were wide-ranging and we shared many. He liked puzzles. He liked them even more than do I and had a substantial collection of the things. Indeed, he collected all manner of stuff.  But mostly he drew comic strips. And now he and his hatred of Tuesdays have gone.


Gentle hugs to you - may his memory prove a blessing.
It is a very strange kind of loss. I imagine that Jack would get gentle pleasure from knowing that my first thought this morning was "Now I will never know what that wind-up box was about". [A recurrent image in his work was a tiny cube with a winder on one side.]
sorry for yr loss theo - i hadn't seen his cartoons before ( that i can recall anyway ) - the "gentleness" of his line reminds me of maurice dodd's when he started drawing (as well as writing) the perishers - when the great dennis collins died suddenly
The amazing thing about his technique was that he worked at one-up... all that detail at actual size. He was part of the inspiration for those tiny little frames that I used to draw.
hmm, interesting - & unusual for a newspaper strip i think ( - i couldn't tell from reading 'em online - but that's hardly surprising ) - the perishers strips i mentioned were drawn huge (4X maybe) gompared to the tiny size they were printed in the paper
Thank you for drawing that to my attention. I am very disappointed to have missed Jack's funeral yesterday. Still, it is better than having soot for a house.

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