March 12th, 2013


Benjamin Bloom at New Wolsey Theatre

On Saturday evening Ipswich-based Benjamin Bloom assembled a troupe that almost sold out the New Wolsey Theatre for a show that seemed to be a complete success. The band was not quite the same as the line up for the Weird and Wonderful EP (it is just a four piece without James Ivey on synths and with Jay Goodrich on bass in place of Stefan Marinov) but the sound was the lush anthemic drama that we have come to know at festivals and gigs throughout Suffolk over the last couple of years. All the band contribute to the vocals and each artist was given their own showcase within the set. Drum solos are notoriously unpopular but there was no sign of restlessness in the audience when Joel Kurta took the spotlight. Benjamin Bloom is a theatrical front man and was in his element in the Wolsey auditorium. Most of the numbers were his writing but there were a few covers given his distinctive flavour. And, despite his large personality, Bloom shares the stage well; Stuart Sale frequently stepped forward to front the sound on his guitar.

Taking the show beyond a mere gig was the presence of three performance artists: Ruby Deshabille with her glorious green fans and a shimmy that can strip paint, Daisy Black twirling hoops and gyrating in an aerial display, and the daunting Aurora Starr breathing fire. In fact the only way to improve the show would be to do it all again.