May 4th, 2009


DS Big Mutha Truckers

This may be the least enjoyable game that I have played on the Nintendo DS. I thought that I would enjoy driving a big rig between cities, choosing the loads and then finding the optimal destinations to maximise sales revenues. The idea of a driving simulation with an economic element is very appealing but this implementation fails on every level. There is only ever one sensible option for delivery because there is no time pressure so one simply selects the highest offer. With no economic challenge, the game depends upon its driving simulation. I know that I am truly inept at console driving but I can tell when the problem lies more in the user interface than in the operator. The D-pad is so extreme that an attempt to steer can easily jack-knife the rig or have it bouncing off the barriers. The gear change is not reliable when pressing the right button; I fear that this is not deliberate. So, no economic challenge, and no rewarding driving. Even the graphics are ugly and the other vehicles are repetitive.

There must be worse games than this version of Big Mutha Truckers but this is a waste of ones and zeoes,