June 30th, 2008


South African journal redux

For the benefit of those who asked for a full list of my South African posts:

Day 1: Arriving in Pretoria

Day 2: Historic Pretoria

Day 3: Cradle of Humankind

Day 4: Driving to Limpopo, Arriving at Mhondoro and Game Drive 1

Day 5: Game Drive 2 and Game Drive 3

Day 6: Game Drive 4 and Game Drive 5 on my birthday

Day 7: Game Drive 6, Game Drive 7 and boma

Day 8: Leaving Mhondoro

Day 9: Joburg

Day 10: The lion bites

Day 11: Out of Africa

All these entries are friends-locked and, because of their length, are only visible to those on my 'Big posts' custom group, which exists only to permit my busier friends to opt out of long posts.