April 27th, 2008


Debbie Gallagher - The Spider's Bride (Prime, 2007)

This review just posted on LibraryThing. com and ReadingSocia/Visual Bookshelf for ISBN 9780809572113:
Magical in every sense, this novel explores the ideas of Richard Dadd in a world of poetic vision. This is a fairy story without sentimentality or self-deprecation. It weaves ancient allegories with nineteenth century sensibilities and 21st century experience. Had I first seen this in a shop I would have passed it over because the print finishing is so shoddy. The inconstant margins and the mean typography scream of self-publishing (which is not to decry all such work but I know the odds). That an established publishing house, no matter how small, released a book in this state disappoints me and I hope that future works will be published by someone who cares more for quality.