May 27th, 2007


Nothing more will happen to a two-million and thirtyfour year old dinosaur

J Edward Oliver died yesterday. I have just read an email from his brother Fred. Jack was a gifted cartoonist and a hugely entertaining friend. His Fresco-le-Raye comic strips are among my favourite strip cartoons of all time. Many of his stock phrases became mine. Few weeks passed without some brief absurdity appearing in my in-box: not for Jack the forwarded meme; his silliness was part of a continuing conversation laden with references to past jokes.  Like his strips, Jack's letters and emails were littered with small details; tiny gems of nonsense. And there was more sensible stuff too: Jack's interests were wide-ranging and we shared many. He liked puzzles. He liked them even more than do I and had a substantial collection of the things. Indeed, he collected all manner of stuff.  But mostly he drew comic strips. And now he and his hatred of Tuesdays have gone.