April 23rd, 2007


Westerfield Swan

Seeking a break from our bookkeeping, we headed out to the Westerfield Railyway intending to lunch there but were thwarted by their policy of not cooking on Mondays. We drove on to the Swan in the middle of the village. The Swan is a slightly tired looking pub, which specialises in fish meals. The menu is an obvious amateur DTP production and its contents are unremarkable. I chose cod and chips while W selected the ham egg and chips. For our starters we both had breaded mushrooms with garlic mayonnaise. The plump mushrooms sat well in their crisp breadcrumb shells. When the entrees arrived the dry cured ham looked so tempting that I briefly regretted my choice but I was satisfied by my first taste of the cod. The fish was moist, bright, and flaky in a firm batter. The accompanying chips, cut coarse and fried crisp around a fluffy core, were sublime. With chips as a key part of the the ham plate, that dish was excellent: even down to the fried egg.

The Wherry was well-kept so I imagine that all three real ales are a pleasure to drink. Up to this point, the drinks and meals had cost us barely £15 but choosing dessert from outside the specials menu cost us £5 more than staying on-card. The dessert was a junkyard tart with a chocolate mousse in a  chocolate biscuit case topped with chocolate shavings and chunks of Topic and Milky Way bars.

So, this impromptu meal proved to be a stone banker... we will be back again before too long.

Farewell Eddie

Eddie's funeral took place this afternoon in the West Chapel of the crematorium. I first met him about twenty years ago. In all that time I never heard him complain. Every conversation was shared pleasure. I can imagine no finer epitaph.