April 21st, 2007


Life on Mars

Watching episodes 5 and 6 of series 2, I was struck again by the wit  and ingenuity of this show. Episode 5 opens with a pastiche of Camberwick Green segueing into a series of POVs in 1973 Manchester as Tyler handles the effects of a drug overdose inflicted on his comatose 2006 self. The disparities between the two different styles of policing form much of the show's core although this is more about the difference between The Sweeney and media presentation of modern policing in the first decade of the 21st century. Also the endemic prejudices of the seventies are shown by all the supporting cast but they are embodied by the extreme behaviour of Hunt: "I think you left out the Jews" comments Tyler after one of Hunts more egregious rants.

I remember 1973 well. It was the year that I changed schools.  Was prejudice rife? It was where I came from.  I was glad to leave behind the art teacher Oliver McCann, who called me a pouf in class.  The academic King Edward VI school seemed much more tolerant of everything except idleness.