April 20th, 2007


Red Sox bikini

My attention has been drawn to Heather Graham's bikini in the film Anger Management. Since the garment seems never to have been commercially available, I must rely on some unwise female costuming friend to recreate the live experience for me ... drifts off into racy reverie.

Mizu, Ipswich

1 + 5 + 14 + 36a + 55 + Grolsch, and Diet Coke minus £31.45 = two happy diners.

1 = Drily spiced spare ribs.
5 = four segments of  golden prawn sesame toast with sweet chili dip
14 = Edo mame (a great favourite: steamed soya beans in the pod, eaten like peas sucked from the shucks.
36a = mixed vegetables, prawns, pork, and chicken on a bed of crispy fried noodles (although in practice, the clear thick sauce softens the noodles)
55 = rich orange-coloured sweet and sour battered chicken with a neat mound of egg fried rice.

Swift friendly service and immaculate freshly cooked food are the hallmarks of this near-flawless restaurant on the Cornhill.