April 18th, 2007


London Underground

Finally, I cracked the problem of replacing iTunes on my laptop. Having had to return the Suffolk County Council laptop, I no longer had a PC that I was happy to have clogged with duplicates of my iPod contents. I had already experimented with Anapod Explorer and was happy with it despite its near non-existent customer support. I supplemented this with audiograbber to rip my CDs and both Collectorz.MP3 and Collectorz.Music for track and album data. But, enough of this techie stuff: I loaded two albums onto the iPod (The Dandy Warhols - Welcome to the Monkey House (2003) and Alison Moyer - Voice (2004) ... I am sooo yesterday) and I fixed the tags on those tracks that needed this.  One of those tracks was the Amateur Transplants London Underground.  I met Adam Kay through friends from Imperial College about five years ago.  He and his friend Sunwan Biswas recorded a set of ferocious parodies accompanied by a Bontempi keyboard in a basement in 2004. The result was a rag week album that included the truly shocking London Underground and then, this very funny track became the soundtrack to a clever flash movie. So, here, for those of you that can handle very strong language indeed, is Tim Ireland's flash video of London Underground.


Sally tells me that I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue will be coming to Ipswich later in the year. Consider me very excited!

Good moaning

Foz shared this anonymous quip with me: "God created the female orgasm so that women could moan even when they  are happy."

[For the avoidance of doubt: I do not endorse this opinion but I enjoy the pithy wit of it.]