Theo (theoclarke) wrote,

Big South American adventure

We went to South America for three weeks at the start of April. Here is our story:

Day 1: Across the Atlantic to South America
Day 2: Across the River Plate to Uruguay
Day 3: Tastes of Colonia del Sacramento
Day 4: Colonial heritage and parillada
Day 5: Back to Buenos Aires
Day 6: Recoleta and Retiro
Day 7: San Antonio de Areco
Day 8: San Telmo and La Boca
Day 9: Across the Andes to Chile
Day 10: Easter Island! Easter Island!
Day 11: Diving and a museum
Day 12: Ahu, moai, and Rano Raraku
Day 13: Sunrise, diving, and sunset
Day 14: Ahu Tongariki, Rano Raraku, and Orongo
Day 15: Leaving Easter Island
Day 16: Santiago to Rio
Day 17: Copacabana Beach with sushi
Day 18: Churrascaria rodizio
Day 19: Ipanema
Day 20: Corcovado and Sugarloaf Mountain
Day 21: And home!
Tags: argentina, brazil, buenos aires, chile, colonia del sacramento, easter island, flying, holiday, rio de janeiro, santiago, south america, uruguay
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