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John Browne leaves BP over gay relationship

After 41 years, John Browne has quit his job as CEO of BP three months early (costing himself over £15 million = US$30 million) because he briefly misrepresented how he met the Canadian man who was his lover for four years (when questioned about this while asking the court to prevent UK newspapers from revealing his sexuality).  As far as I can see, he has been punished for preferring not to make his sexuality public.

Here is a report on Yahoo.  Sigh...


If I were he, I would have held on & spat at them.
Then again, he's English, & y'all are just so much
more polite than we are. Except at soccer* matches.

So, is this where I apologize for getting married
instead of just getting religiously married &
telling the State to drop dead?

(Yes, my anniversary is looming & I always feel so
guilty about my Heterosexual Privilege)

*Yeah, I said "soccer" on purpose :-)
I am touched (touched, I tell you) that you understand that we do not play your funny football here (much... well, are the London Monarchs any good?). I like the idea of "Heterosexual Privilege"; not that I feel any guilt about what I have. I do think it a shame that the UK took so long to implement civil partnerships but at least we have them now.

oh, John Browne's boddy...

Hi Theo - thanks for friending me (been on LJ for about a year)

I must admit that when I saw this news I thought "lummy - its handy that he felt the need to resign just when he was going to get a £15m handshake (or is handshake a euphemism these days?). Instead of a hanshake we could of course call it 'motive'

I find it very hard to believe he won't receive ANY money for going

anyway - a timely leak of information

. . . . . . . Steve W

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