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24 (Day 7 episodes 11 and 12)

Episode 11 had a few weak spots but they were hidden by the brilliance of the pacing in the moment. Yes, I know that Senator Meyer could never face down a president who is handling a terrorist air collision over the capital. And, yes, know that Jack could not have groomed so effectively and found such a presentable suit on his way into the White House from Tony Almeida's car. And, I am pretty certain that no-one can access the White House with scuba gear. But who cares about any of this in an episode when Jack Bauer tazers a phone to avoid taking the President's direct order.

Even my body recognises the importance of this show. It waited until the inter-episode break to initiate a nosebleed; and a heavy one at that. But back to Jack Bauer or, initially, to Agent Walker as she flees her pursuer through a variety of terrains. This twelfth episode was not as good as the one before but I still ate it all up.
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Leaving aside the obvious difference in our opinion of the quality of the show, I do not see why appreciating its use of pace prevents me from having concerns about the show's moral stance. Indeed, in these two episodes, the screenplay actively explores the relative moral value of torture and persuasion without drawing a clear conclusion. I wonder if this debate may have arisen from the wider public discussion of the show's messages.
I do not see why appreciating its use of pace prevents me from having concerns about the show's moral stance.

It doesn't, necessarily; I was just wondering whether or not it did. In my case, I thought that 24 was quite fresh and interesting in it's first season, that it probably justified a second season, but beyond that, it has become a predictably American, CSI-style victim of its own success ("Hey, we got us a hit here! Let's do the same thing again! And again! And in Cherry Flavour, New Improved, Sugar-Free and Decaffeinated!")

The torture issue was something that pretty much pushed it over the cliff for me in terms of being anything I would particularly want to watch, even to pass the time.
I enjoyed the first season, found the second season entertaining but silly, and abandoned the third third season after a couple of episodes. My interest was rekindled by 24: Redemption and I have been gripped by this seventh series, which has only slithered back into the torture trope with this latest episode.

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