Theo (theoclarke) wrote,

24 (Day 7 episodes 11 and 12)

Episode 11 had a few weak spots but they were hidden by the brilliance of the pacing in the moment. Yes, I know that Senator Meyer could never face down a president who is handling a terrorist air collision over the capital. And, yes, know that Jack could not have groomed so effectively and found such a presentable suit on his way into the White House from Tony Almeida's car. And, I am pretty certain that no-one can access the White House with scuba gear. But who cares about any of this in an episode when Jack Bauer tazers a phone to avoid taking the President's direct order.

Even my body recognises the importance of this show. It waited until the inter-episode break to initiate a nosebleed; and a heavy one at that. But back to Jack Bauer or, initially, to Agent Walker as she flees her pursuer through a variety of terrains. This twelfth episode was not as good as the one before but I still ate it all up.
Tags: 24, television
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