Theo (theoclarke) wrote,

Four home runs

This evening I watched a recording of the Yankees' (hawk; spit) visit to Fenway Park on Sunday. Staying up all night had been a possibility but reason prevailed. Fortunately, I had successfully avoided all news of the game so the four consecutive home runs and the eventual victory came as a complete surprise to me.

It was the bottom of the third and the Sox trailed 3-0 with two outs and no-one on base. Manny Ramirez smacked Chase Right's pitch over left-center field and, as far as I could see, out of the park. Drew was up next: hitting a home run over right-center. Then Mike Lowell,smacked a third before Varitek smashed the ball into the Monster seats. This is the fifth time that a major league team has hit four consecutive homers. According to the Boston Globe the previous occurrence was on 18 September 2006 in Los Angeles, when "the Dodgers hit four in a row with two outs in the bottom of the ninth against San Diego to tie a game that Nomar Garciaparra won with a home run in the 10th." And JD Drew hit one of those four too!
Tags: baseball, red sox
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